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    Make Row number not respecting set analysis

    Nicolò Cogno

      Hi everybody,


      I made a table in this way


      Old ObjectOld object PriceNew objectNew object price
      Object 1Price 1Object 2Price 2
      Object 3Price 3Object 4

      Price 4

      Object 5Price 5Object 6Price 6



      And I did it beacuse I want to have old objects replaced by new objects. When I select the old objects from a filter I can see them in the table with their price and I also select the new objects, but the price that I get isn't correct.


      This is the expression that I'm using


      Min({<[new_object_code] ={$(=SubField(GetFieldSelections([new_object_code]), ',', RowNo()))}>}[new_object_price])


      I'm trying with two different objects and I get the same minimum price of the objects in both the lines and not the minimum price of every object in its line.


      What am I doing wrong? "Hard coding" the row nomber gives me the correct results so I think that's the problem


      Thanks for your help and for your attention


      Best regards


      Nicolò Cogno