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    Sum of a surjective sum

    benjamin orhan

      Hi everyone, I would need some help to get the following sum:

      Case BON.PNG

      Both Eur and Delivery are linked to the key Ship-to:

      For a Ship-to, there is a unique Eur (bijective function).

      But for a unique Ship-to, there are multiple of Delivery (surjective function).

      Ex: Eur (1)*Delivery (1,1) + Eur (1)*Delivery (1,2) +...+Eur(1)*Delivery (1,n) + Eur (2)*Delivery (2,1)+Eur(2)*Delivery (2,2)+...+Eur(2)*Delivery (2,m).

      Please find enclosed the excel source & qlikview formula.

      Thank you in advance!