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    QV 12.1 Working Set Limits

    Brent Nichol

      Does anyone know if QlikView 12.1 has improved the enforcement of the memory consumption outlined with the working set limits?


      We recently encountered a collaboration object that consume over 100GB within 10 seconds.  This pushed our memory consumption to 110% of capacity, triggered memory swapping, CPU usage of !00% for an extended duration and caused the server to freeze until the QVS was restarted.


      The same symptoms occurred each time the user opened the document, until we identified them and removed the shared object.


      The working set limits were 60% and 80%, but this only caused a message in the event indicating that the working limits had been critically exceeded. 


      We are using version 11.2 SR 16, and have experienced this scenario occasionally in the past, but are planning to upgrade to the latest stable version of 12.1.


      Are there improvements in version 12.1 preventing the upper working set from being exceeded?  Can the Object size be restricted by some configuration settings?