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    Chart Total issue with percentages

    Seth Rosenbauer

      I have chart similar to what's below.

      TypeAttemptCompletion% Completion
      TOTAL201263% INSTEAD OF 60%

      Type A

      161062% - THIS IS ACCURATE
      Type B4250% - THIS IS ACCURATE


      In this example, The Attempt and Completion columns are based on a user interactions my client does with certain customers. Not all customer receive this user interaction. If the customer receives this interaction they are counted as an attempt and if they do a "particular thing" after that interaction, they are considered a completion. My issue is that a single customer can receive multiple instances of this user interaction. For example, a single customer could experience Type A and Type B customer interaction. However, when I divide Completion/Attempt in my % Completion total, it ignores this thought process. The % Completion only counts this as 1 attempt instead of 2.  In essence, the equations are the following for each column:


      Attempt = sum of all customer interactions for unique customers

      Completion = count of unique customers who receive a customer interaction and do a particular thing

      % Completion = Completion / Attempt


      I'm unable to show actual code, so please let me know if more clarification is needed.