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    License page flashes and redirects to some other page -QMC

    Anjali Ahlawat

      Dear experts,

      We are facing an issue under QMC->System->Licenses >Click On server->License page flashes and redirects to some other page.


      We thought it might be a problem with setup file so we installed the new file “QlikViewServer_Win2012andUp” in server with “Windows 2012 R2 standard” but the issue is still there.


      Request you all to kindly take out some time and see the below error(in trail mail) and advice the reason behind this error.


      Is it a common error or something else?


      As we are running out of time, Any suggestions will also work.

      Also attaching some other findings:


      1. Whenever I click license under QlikView server, below warning is logged in event viewer


      Log Name:      Application

      Source:        QlikView Management Service

      Date:          28/02/2017 16:47:00

      Event ID:      0

      Task Category: None

      Level:         Warning

      Keywords:      Classic

      User:          N/A



      CAL limits set to zero

      Event Xml:

      <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">


          <Provider Name="QlikView Management Service" />

          <EventID Qualifiers="0">0</EventID>




          <TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-02-28T16:47:00.000000000Z" />




          <Security />



          <Data>CAL limits set to zero</Data>





      please help asap as we are running out of time and we have start configuration in qmc and we have to host the file before the temporary licenses expire.