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    Restrict the filter with the chart

    Sudha Eswaran



      I am working on an application where I need to show the following objects in the same sheet:


      Filter: Country

      Chart : City and Population.


      At the backend I have tables like Country, State and City.


      Country and State tables are joined,

      State and City tables are joined  based on the foreign keys.


      So, I have to display a chart with City and Population. But the Country filter should hold only the country values whose states are shown in the chart.


      Country                     State                  City

      India                      Maharashtra      Mumbai

      United States         New Jersey       Princeton

      Canada                   Torronto


      Here in the Country filter, I should have only the values:   India and United Sates, Canada should be hidden or greyed out.


      Do you have any idea on how to implement this?