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    Object size in mobile vision

    Christophe Decluseau

      Hi all !


      There's something not clear for me about how the size of objects are managed in the mobile vision in Qlik Sense (text and image object).

      This display is with desktop, but the we have same results on server. QS 3.1, 3.2.


      In the screenshots below, when reducing visualization to the mobile vision, both text object are displayed with a specific size, too big for the 1st object.


      After opening / closing an object, we saw that the size of the 1st object is now adapted to his content.


      All this disturb me.


      Why this is not directly adapted to the content ?

      Can this possibility added to extension object ? I have some extensions with a little content (like a button), but when reduce I keep a big white box with a small button inside .


      Thanks for your attention...