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    Calculate a new dimension based on a measure

    Giulio Andrea Toscano

      Hi All,


      I am not able to reproduce one analysis in Qlik, someone could help me? I attach a file with some example data.


      My objective is to create the following table:


      product        < 2000         < 4000


      I basically have my fact table that have the following fields: Product, Data, Sale price, Margin. As my product have not always the same price I would like to make the average margin based on those product that ordered by Date has the sum of sales <2000 and after <4000.

      Attached the excel file with Test Data and the result sheet, that is what I want to reproduce in qlik sense.

      Ideally I just have to make a pivot table with product, those calculate dimensions and Margin as measure.


      Any help would be appreciated,