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    Qlik sense map

    souhail karoune

      Hi my friends,


      i want to do something in my map in qlik sense if u cant help me:

      for testing i create EXCEL table, where i put all french city's (name, Id_country, Latitude, Longitude, capital)

      plus some international city's. for field capital it's Boolean type with(yes, no);

      what i need is when someone use my app and he want the Turnover in city like Naples  in Italia and Naples doesn't excite in the list of the city's  i want the system put the information in the capital of the country like Rome because Rome excite in the list with (capital='yes')


      there is want i do it for now:

      Binary 'Lib://Test_carte/donnees_Janv_2017.qvw';




          CTIE as CTIE01,

          LTIE as LTIE01,

          CPAYS as CPAYS01,                                    

          VILLETIE as VILLETIE01

      FROM [lib://Villes/Villes.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is Feuille2$);

      left Join




          ville as VILLETIE01,

          GeoMakePoint(latitude,longitude) as GeoKey01,

          pays as CPAYS01,


      FROM [lib://Villes/Villes.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$);





        CTIE01 as CTIE02,

        LTIE01 as LTIE02,

          CPAYS01 as CPAYS02

        resident Villes01

          where not Exists(GeoKey01);   


      Left Join


          GeoMakePoint(latitude,longitude) as GeoKey02,

          pays as CPAYS02


      FROM [lib://Villes/Villes.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$)

      where  capitale = 'OUI';







      Load CTIE01 as CTIE,

          LTIE01 as LTIE,

          CPAYS01 as CPAYS,                                    

          VILLETIE01 as VILLETIE,

          GeoKey01 as GeoKey

      resident Villes01;


      Load CTIE02 as CTIE,

           LTIE02 as LTIE,

           CPAYS02 as CPAYS,

           GeoKey02 as GeoKey

           resident Villes02;



      drop tables Villes01, Villes02;


      but he doesn't work there is something i missed in the Request. 


      Thank u for helping me