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    Creating dashboard to show compliance

    Rakesh Shah



      I am reasonably new to Qlik, and getting waist deep in its awesomeness


      I know this will be an extremely broad request, however im trying to just get a starting point.


      We are a retailer and the company wants to find out which of the stores are ready for the new software we are looking to deploy. Each of the major assets in the store have a varying level of criteria to be compliant. What I don't know is how to go about building this without developing a 100 nested If statements. Examples are Model A is not compliant, however Model B is as long as it has more than 4GB of memory.


      First attempt was on load determine some of the criteria and load a calculated field against each asset if its compliant or not. I was then told that some assets depend on where its deployed (store type), which is stored in another field, which meant that I couldn't do this on load. Example All Servers have to be virtualised if its part of Store type A, B or C, but D and E are fine.


      Im now trying to work out the best way to get this done in dashboard view, again with out complicated list of IF statements. Any tips / suggestions / ideas are most welcome!


      Thank you