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    using calendar weeks and reduce the week by +/- 1

    Christian Schmitz

      Hi all,


      I am taking data from an Excel, where the date is shown like 201709 (YEAR,WEEK).


      Now I am using a variable to put the date input inside and use the makeweedate() to create a proper date for QlikView  (which creates the start date of the corresponding week, e.g. 2/27/2017) and with weekname() I am going "back" to the originally shown presentation, the calendarweek: 2017/09


      =weekname(makeweekdate((left(vL.ActualCalendarWeek,4)), (right(vL.ActualCalendarWeek,2))))



      With this 2017/09, I usually would like to go back to week 8 etc., I thought its possible by deducting -1. BUT than QV shows 42792, that's 2/2672017. So one day instead of one week deducted.


      Anyway is there a easy way to jump to different weeks from this point? I don't want to deduct always -7,-14,-21 days :/.


      Thanks for any support.