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    Max date in sum aggr (different max-Date per dimension possible)

    Sabrina Richter

      Hi all,

      I am currently facing a problem. My formula is as followed:

                Sum ({<Entlassungsjahr={'$(vJahr_m1KH)'},NumberofMonth={'<=$(vMaxEntlMon)'}>} Value)

      The problem is that the variable '$(vMaxEntlMon)' should consist the max month in the max({ <Entlassungsjahr={'$(vJahrAktKH)'} EntlassungsmonatZahl) per dimension1,dimension2 which are the aggr-dimensions. The problem is that as it is a variable the number is always the same, namely the max-value over all.

      How do I get the max({ <Entlassungsjahr={'$(vJahrAktKH)'} EntlassungsmonatZahl) in the set analysis for each aggr-dimension?

      Thanks in advance!