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    Bookmark management and alternatives

    David Smith

      Qlik Community,


      Bookmarks have existed in QlikView for many years and have some enhancements made to them in the near past (Column layout on pivots) making them more useful than ever.  They are however difficult to manage and are susceptible to breaking as modification s are made to active applications.   With large applications with hundreds or thousands of users the shared file can get quite large as well as the risk of something going wrong with said shared file. Some great tools have been created with the Power Tool suite to help in the management process but I find it odd the best tool out there is not supported by Qlik even though that is what they point us to when we need help with our bookmarks.  I am interested in hearing how you manage your bookmarks or if you have found or created an alternative to bookmarks allowing users to store and retrieve different selections and layout states.   We are currently working on a process that will allow us to recreate our bookmarks with the new release of an application.  One challenge we are facing is retrieving the pivot table column ordering information from the existing bookmark.    Please post any ideas insights and experiences you have with bookmarks used for large use applications (hundreds to thousands of users) and how you have been successful in managing bookmarks in a user friendly manner.   (Currently on V 12.0.20400.0)


      Thank You, 


      David Smith