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    Listbox/Table values show in Development, but not in Browser

    Jason Campbell

      I have an issue with values showing/calculating fine in development (desktop).  However, when I view the application in a browser (Dev environment, not fully published), values do not appear.  Dimension drop-down menus populate and selections can be made, but no data. I tested a table box thinking it expression might not be executed correctly...the values do not appear in it, either.

      It's kind of hard to explain.  Here are some screenshots.

      In Browser (Rows not visible - no nulls or zeros):

      In Browser (Drop-down menu is populated):


      In Development (Desktop).  Row is populated.  Also, the Test Listbox is populated - it does not populate in the Browser.


      Anyone have an idea of what could be going on here?  I've called QV tech support twice, but it routed me to a voicemail.