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    data association question

    Lei Zhou

      Hello, respected experts,


      I am a new Qlik sense enterprise user but played with desktop version for a while.


      I have a problem with data association (at least i think it is all about data association)


      I have uploaded 3 files from database, sales, booking and backlog, which all have date, product type, region, industry sector and customer name fields. currently I associate them together with a separate calendar file with YearMonth fields. so I created a  filter with "Year Quarter Month" to show the total depending on the time period selected. so far so good.


      I also need to create  filters to look at region, product Type or IndustrySector for all three files, which I ran into problems.

      if I use sales.productType as dimension for filter, I can't filter other two files; if I associate all three files with ProductType, then I can filter ProductType for 3 files w/o problem, but I can't select time period of all 3 files.  I understand it is not recommended to have more than one association (causing synthetic key), but how do I approach this?

      also, I want to create the table as below for the select time period, only sales show the correct distribution among the industrySector, orders and backlog only populated as total values;




      can I create a dimension which can apply to all 3 files, and used in table and filter? 

      can creating a compound key to associate all 3 files solve the problem? how the compound key would look like in this case?


      Please forgive the question is too basic, got stuck.

      I am looking forward to reading here for solutions,



      Message was edited by: Lei Zhou I created a sample file mirroring the real data. Thanks all the community experts, please shed me some lights on my problems, I want to have this solved. THANKS!!!