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    Size of apps in Qlik Enterprise



      I have a strange issue with the size of some apps.


      To be able to use the Qlik Cloud Plus, I stripped some apps of most of the data in them, and saved them as a diff app., and the size of the app was under the required 50Mb.


      However, noticed a strange thing: If I export the app, and then open it using Qlik Sense Desktop, make a minor change and save it, the size of the app drops to below 30Mbs. I then re-upload the app to either the server or the cloud with this "new" slim size.


      Any idea why this occurs? Why is Enterprise version using up more space and not recalculating properly the app size?



      The contents / behaviour of the app in the cloud with the original 48Mb or the 27Mb is the same as far as me and the users can see...