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    Qlik Sense reload task failed

    Christoph Hebig

      Hello Community,


      I am trying to Schedule a Reload Task once a week. The File does binary load data from another file, which is also scheduled but there is no overlapping time or anything (original file loads on Mondays, binary file on Fridays). I checked the server for being working on capacity, but that's not the case. Both Files are created with the Qlik Sense Server Edition. We're only using one Server (no Multi-Node Setup) and all necessary rights are available on the server (read, write, update etc). I have many files set up like this, but only this single file does not load and fails the reload process after 3-4 seconds.

      If I open the file in the hub and manually reload the data, it is done in some seconds.


      I attach the log of the failed reload.


      I hope you can help me out with that.