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    Qlik visualisation api color

    jelle vervloessem

      Hi, i'm studying the capabilities of qlik visualisation trough javascript and i am having issues changing the color of the visualisation i created.


      when working with mode: byDimenion and byMeasure everything works fine, but when using a singleColor or mode: byExpression it doesn't work.

      Qliksense version: 3.2.1

      QI engine:

      here are two examples


      Mode: primary


      which outputs but should be red:



      Mode: byExpression




      which outputs a gray chart instead of a red one



      We already established that this is a bug in the qlik version as this al works normal in 2.1 but it doesn't on 3.2 can anyone else confirm this? or point out if i have done anything wrong.