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    Show subset data with no selections but still allow selections of that subset

    Eli Karp

      Hi All,


      So I have a large data model that goes back to 2014 and I cant manipulate the load script - I only have access to the complete model. However this is a problem when I want to show data with no selections. When theres no selections i'd like to show the current year and previous year. I have variables made for that - vcurrentyear and vprevyear. However I would like selections to still work even though im only showing data for 2016,2017 so set analysis obviously poses a problem. I've fixed this problem using similar code to below for another table but for this chart i'm having the same issue but with GL accounts. There are many GL accounts but I want to only show 3 but if someone selects one of those three I want the chart to react. I've tried used the below code - Which is not working for some reason does anyone see anything wrong with it or have another suggestion for my issue. I'm also curious if there is way to do this for both the year and the specific GL accounts so when nothing is selected it will only be data from 2016 and 2017 and Gl Accts: 5555, 6654, 3343 but it will still you to select one specific gl account or just 2016 or even a month or quarter in 2016. Please assist!!




      (ISNULL(GetFieldSelections([GL Acct])),


      Sum({<[Year]={'($(vCurrentYear))'}, [JE Category Desc]-={'Consolidation'}, [Ledger Code]={'1'}, [GL Acct]={'5555','6654','3343'}>} Actuals),


      Sum({<[Year]={'($(vCurrentYear))'}, [GL Acct]={'=GetFieldSelections([GL Acct])'}, [JE Category Desc]-={'Consolidation'}, [Ledger Code]={'1'}>} Actuals))