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    IF Statement inside Set Analysis

    Thomas Ødegaard

      Hi all,


      I want my expression to show the sales amount of the latest month if no months are selected (Field: DW_SK_Date). However, if one or multiple months are selected the expression has to show the selected months.


      I have a field (IsCurrent) that specifies if it is the latest month (ISCurrent=1) or not (ISCurrent=0).


      I have tried to make a variable with the IF Statement and then put it into a set expression (see below), but it does not work.


      Can someone please help me out?


      Variable: vISCurrent = IF(GetSelectedCount(DW_SK_Date)=0,1,0)


      Set Expression: Sum({<IsCurrent={$(vISCurrent)}>}Amount)


      Please see my test dataset attached


      Kind Regards,