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    Help with Set Analysis on a Table of Dimension Values

    Brian MacDonald

      I have a dataset of recent outcome events for clinical trial subjects.  In my sheet I have placed a variable that restricts Subject ID values to those with outcome events that have been entered since some date.  Because of the if() statement in this table, when a subject is selected a selection is also made for the created date.


      In a subsequent table I want to see ALL outcome events for the selected Subject.   If I clear the selection for the Created Date then all works as it should, but I don't want my users to have to do this if I can avoid it.


      I have tried an aggr function with a set analysis that ignores the selection on created date on the second table, but I cannot get the results I am after.


      I have attached a *.qvw with some sample data.


      To reproduce my issue:

      1. Select a Subject ID in the upper table.  You will see 4 medications in the second table

      2. Clear the Outcome created Date selection (that was added automatically) and you should see 5 medications in the lower table.  One that was created before the vOutcomesSinceDate variable value.


      What I want to achieve is for the second table to show all 5 meds when a Subject_ID is selected.


      Any suggestions for other ways to do this are also welcome.


      Thanks in advance.