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    Sense 3.1 Automatic Geographical Data Issue

    Earl Owens

      I love the new feature in 3.1 for automatic recognition of city and country names for easy mapping.  However, I noticed a huge issue for city names that exist in multiple states (i.e. Portland, Charleston, Springfield, etc.).


      I created a test import with three organizations all with a city of Portland, but different states (OR, IN, and ME).  When I set up the city and country fields as Geo data and drop them into a map, they all three get graphed in Portland OR.  Even if I filter to the State = IN, the data point still shows in OR.


      Is this just a known limitation of the software, or am I missing some critical step?  There is no place that I see to identify the state or postal code or other field for it to recognize where to plot that city name. Our database does not contain other geographic data such as Latitude/Longitude, so I was excited for this update - but this issue makes the data blatantly wrong and misleading.


      Anyone else notice this or have a workaround?  Thanks!