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    List of reports




      I need to get a list of all the reports we have set up on Qliksense.  Is there a report which can be run which lists all of these?  Otherwise I will have to go into each individual sheet created over the years and write out what reports each contains!




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          Siddharth Sheshadri

          Okay so there are 3 things in Qlik:


          1) App - Main report

          2) App objects - Sheets in an app

          3) Objects - Visualizations in a sheet.


          If you are using Qlik Sense desktop the only way is to go to the dev hub where you can see the names of all apps, app objects and objects. There is no report however this will give you a consolidated view


          If you are using Qlik Sense server:


          1) App - Can get it from Operations monitor

          2) App objects - Can get it from QMC -- App objects. This is not a report however, you cannot export

          3) Objects - There is no report as such, you can however go to the dev hub where you will see all the objects and their names, provided they have been titled well.


          Another way is to check branch.qlik.com if anyone has developed this.