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    Task running multiple times than scheduled in qv 12.1 version

    ram mohan

      Hi all,

      We have a task which is running multiple times than the schedule time after upgrading to  in qv 12.1 .

      taskname : DDDD


      we have defined like this:


      Task DDDD should  trigger  once the completion of  multiple dependant tasks AAAA,BBBB,CCCC.


      taskname1: AAAA (exe time: 10 mins)

      taskname2: BBBB((exe time: 8 mins)

      taskname3: CCCC ((exe time: 15 mins)

      task name DDDD sholud only trigger after completion of all taskname1,taskname2,taskname3.


      we have scheduled task1,task2 task3 to run every 4 hours.


      but now task DDDD is triggering before the completion of CCCC and completion of either AAAA or BBBB.


      ex: suppose taskname1,taskname2,taskname3 schedules to run at 2 am UTC then taskname DDDD shold run after completion of above 3 tasks say around 2.35 am ,but its running at 2.11 and 2.16 and 2.19 and 2.20

      so the taskname CCCC is failing to refresh the QVDs.

      Its working fine in Qlikview 11.2 and we have updated to QV 12.1 and we are facing the issue .

      need help in this