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    Nprinting filter not working properly ?

    Benoît GIRARD

      Dear all,

      I have a strange issue...I built a report with the verify filter option activated.

      But when I run it.. I have a warning



      but when I untick the verify filter .. everything works well..

      The reports is very easy.. I have only one table..


      The currencyList field is in an "island table"...

      I have a variable "vAnalysisCurrency"  =if (GetPossibleCount(CurrencyList)<>1 ,'EUR', MinString(CurrencyList))

      to convert all local currency to the reporting  Currency ..


      is anybody have an idea to help me ?

        • Re: Nprinting filter not working properly ?
          Benoît GIRARD

          I have found a solution.


          1/ In the QlikView App I replaced the "List Box"  (with only one selection value ) by an "Input Box" with a Field list

          "=concat(distinct CurrencyList,';')"


          2/ In the Nprinting I created a "Filter variable" with the following syntax :=MinString(CurrencyList)


          It seems to work.. but I do not understand why in my first scenario  it's not working