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    data interpretation problem

    hennie lowe

      hi guys, i am very new to qlik sense and have a problem with my data interpretation in creating a weekly forecast in sense?

      when i edit, Bar chart, add dimension,Deal - Deal created, add dimension, i get no weekly option

      i cant change the data export to exclude the time,




      Deal - Deal created
      2017-03-03 00:12:18
      2017-03-02 23:00:50
      2017-02-28 08:13:26
      2017-02-24 08:42:50
      2017-02-24 08:39:13
      2017-02-23 23:19:21
      2017-02-19 10:55:19

      2017-01-30 11:48:14


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          omar bensalem

          You want your x-axis to be weeks?


          Deal is a column?

          1)like this ? 2017-03-03


          2) Deal-Deal created 2017-03-02 23:00:50 is a column?


          Try this:


          as a dimension :

          1) week(date# (Deal,(YYYY-MM-DD))

          2)week(timestam# (Deal,(YYYY-MM-DD hh;mm:ss))

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            Vladimir Komarov


            There are few options how you can do that.

            If I understood you correctly, you will need to have a report based on Weekly dimension.

            One of the options: Create a new field from your "Deal Date" field as Week() function, for example

            Week([Deal created]) as Weekly_Deal_Created_Dim

            Use the same Expression (sum(Deal_Count), or else... ) and use the Weekly_Deal_Created_Dim as your chart's dimension.

            So this approach requires extra steps, but it's reliable and very good performance-wise.

            If script modification is not applicable in your case, use a Week([Deal created]) as Calculated dimension in your chart.

            Should work fine too, but chart's performance will not be as good as with the approach above.



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