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    hennie lowe

      Hi guys

      I am very new to qlik sense and need some help on a map that i want to insert on my dashboard, very simple customers by state and i dont need to put in GPS coordinates as i only group them by state and sales person.

      i just want the map and be able to select the state to get the data

      something like this:

      Image result for south african map by provinces

          omar bensalem

          If you have a file with a column 'state' (the state name) ; add the file containing the colum with the data editor (the graphic assistant not the script); and then don't load directly the file, but instead click on PREPARE DATA then load


          Once this done, Qlik Sense will automatically create a geoField with the column state that you can use to create maps.


          Hope this helps

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            Daniel Ansell

            You will need to download a .kml file that has been created displaying the same states. (Or alternatively create one using software like QGIS)


            Load this in you script and link to the state names in your data.


            Creating a Polygon (choropleth) Map

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              Vladimir Komarov

              You need to have a KML (or other supported format) file with your states (countries) you are planning to display.

              You can just Google it, there are tons of sites that provides this data.


              Load it in your script (here is the example for the world map):



                  world.Name as ISO_Country,


              FROM [lib://ExternalData/Geo\world.kml]

              (kml, Table is [World.shp/Features]);


              Make sure you are linking your data with this Geo data (my data above is linked via " ISO_Country" field.


              Add mapping object and select appropriate field to be used as Dimension (State Name, Country Name, etc).


              Add an expression (Count of Sales Persons, for example).

              Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.39.50 AM.png

              As a result you should see something like:

              Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.37.09 AM.png





              You can do a default area coloring, using a default colors or color your states/countries based on number of sales persons, for example (like in my example above).





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