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    Can't get KPI to show table column Total result

    Anat Dagan

      I am trying to show the Table sum in yellow below (column Gross Monthly Cost) in a KPI but i can't get it work.

      This "gross Monthly Cost" column  calculates Total Hourly Costs * Monthly Hours.

      Here are the expressions in each column below:


      Net Hourly Cost                  -  Sum(EmployeeRate)

      Additional Hourly Costs     - $(vAluyotNilvotLeshaa)

      Monthly Hours                    -   Sum([SessionMonthlyDuration(numeric)])

      Gross Monthly Cost           -  ($(vAluyotNilvotLeshaa)+EmployeeRate)*Sum([SessionMonthlyDuration(numeric)])

      If I enter the last expression SUM($(vAluyotNilvotLeshaa)+EmployeeRate)*Sum([SessionMonthlyDuration(numeric)]) in a KPI  I get "-".


      How do I get the KPI to show the summary figure in yellow?