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    Data load limited to last 10 weeks

    Tomasz Tomaszewski


      I've been searching quite a lot through discussion board for a solution but couldn't find on that would suit my needs. Maybe someone here could help me.


      I have table with list of documents and each of that documents has a creation date and I need to build a report that will sum up some of the values according to week number.  There is a lot of data and it would be the best to load only lines from, let's say, last 15 weeks.


      It seemed quite easy at the beginning. I just used WHERE with Week([Creation Date]) => (Week(today()-15). But that's not working when I'm, for example, in February and i go back 15 weeks it's 2016 and week should be 42 of 2016, not -10.


      I'm experimenting with timestamp([Creation Date],'YYYY.MM') but not very successful Any thoughts on how to do that load?