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    Table - list some registers only

    Robotica Robotica

      Hi All,


      I`d like to ask for your help.


      I'm using Qlik Sense Cloud.


      I have an Excel file with a list of many products. I`d like to create a table in Qlik Sense with the Products which prices is higher than 15 only. How could I do this?


      Thank you in advance!



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          Robert Svebeck



          IF you only want Products with price > 15 in your app, you do a "Where Clause" in your script.


          IF you want all Products in your app but only show some of them in a table, you can solve this in many ways.


          One solution is to create a field in your script called [Price >15]


          if (Price>15, 'yes','no') as [Price >15]


          Then in your app on the sheet next to your table of Products, you create a listbox of this field.


          A final solution, would be to do nothing in the script, and instead do everything in the app and its expressions usung Set Analysis. You can find many examples in this forum about Set Analysis.


          brg Robert

          Svebeck Consulting AB

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            As Robert said, for the first option (load only the products with price > 15) you should use something like this in your script:







            FROM [lib://pathtofile/file.xlsx]

            (ooxml, embedded labels, table is SHEETNAME)

            WHERE PRICE_FIELD > '15';


            Hope it helps