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    Qlik REST Connector reply error ***

    Christer Sagvaag

      Hi, I'm fairly new to qlik and I'm trying to load multiple tables through one single rest connector like this:


      Let CompanyId = 323;
      Let BaseURL = 'http://localhost:53823/api/gettable';
      Set Tables = 'CreditorClient', 'CreditorOrderClient';
      for Each table in $(Tables)
      SQL SELECT "__KEY_object",
              (SELECT *
              FROM "item")
          FROM "$(table)")
      FROM XML "object" PK "__KEY_object"
      WITH CONNECTION(Url "$(BaseURL)/$(CompanyId)/$(table)");
      LOAD *
      RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable;
      DROP TABLE RestConnectorMasterTable;


      This gives me ScriptErrorDetails: Connector reply error:***


      BUT if i specify atleast one field instead of * in the SELECT .. FROM "item" everything works like a charm.


      Since I'm looping through multiple tables with 99% of the fields being different I would really need to use * instead of field names.


      Any ideas why this doesn't work?


      Thanks in advance