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      Hello I'm having this error when trying to "Select Data" from a connection to a Web file.


      This error happens in 3 of the 5 connections that I have configured.


      I think it may be because of the size of the web archives.

           - Files that do not fail (2) have few columns and few rows.

           - Of three files that give failure: one has many columns (~30), another has many rows (~25000) and the last one has many columns (~25) and many rows (~25000).


      Does the mistake happen because of this or is it just a casuality?


      PS: Data loading happens normally, the only problem is that I can not edit the columns to load.

      PS2: sorry for my bad English.



      EDIT: I have tried to make a folder connection with the same problematic files and then it works. It only generates problems if they are "web files".