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    Help aggr function price effect

    Tanguy de Becdelievre

      Good afternoon,


      I want to determine the price effect of a variation of employee cost.

      No problem when I create a Table, and use as Dimension the grade (ESCALA) of the employees:



      ((Sum({<FinancialYear={2017}TRANS_AMOUNT)/Avg(Aggr(count(distinct{<FinancialYear={2017}EMPNUM), PAY_PERIOD,ESCALA)))


      (Sum({<FinancialYear={2016}TRANS_AMOUNT)/Avg(Aggr(count(distinct{<FinancialYear={2016}>}EMPNUM), PAY_PERIOD,ESCALA))))


      Avg(Aggr(count(distinct{<FinancialYear={2017}>}EMPNUM), PAY_PERIOD,ESCALA)))


      And making the sum of the rows gives me the correct result.


      My problem comes when I want to get the same figure but on a KPI object for reporting purpose.


      Does anybody know what formula I should use ?


      Thanks for your help