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    while loop in expression or help for multi-dimensional combo chart

    Maria Harmening

      can I put a while or a for loop into an expression?


      I'm trying to make a multi-dimensional combo chart (qlik unfortunately doesn't seem to support it).  I'm trying to trick it then do conditional formatting.


      for (i = 0; endIterator = 2; i + 1)


      If( i = 1, Count(distinct {$

      <BINFlagMonth={1}>} {$<[Emp Type]={'P'}>

      BIN), Count(distinct {$

      <BINFlagMonth={1}>} {$<[Emp Type]={'F'}>



      My main dimension is month, and I have 2 measures that I'm displaying,  so by month, I'm trying to display total positions available for Parttime v Fulltime (measure one) and the actual staffed parttime v fulltime positions (measure two).. making 2 distinct bars per month and two sub categories within each.


      can i do this?  please say that it's possible!