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    How to hide expression calculation...in master item..

    Kavita Vishwakarma

      Hi Everyone,


      I want to hide this expression from master Item... It should show only State as a label not the whole expression...


      Aggr(If(Sum({<Link_Date={'>=$(vCalMinDate)<=$(vCalCurrentDate)'}>}[Dealer Outstanding]) <> 0,State),State)


      I want to show bottom 5

      Drill down Dimension :

      State-> Area-> Location -> Dealer  created in master item.. with the above expression..

      Expression in Chart :

      If(Rank(-(sum({<Link_Date={'>=$(vCalMinDate)<=$(vCalCurrentDate)'}>} [Dealer Outstanding])/100000

      )) <= [_Top/Bot],

      (sum({<Link_Date={'>=$(vCalMinDate)<=$(vCalCurrentDate)'}>} [Dealer Outstanding])/100000