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      Hi all,


      I have 2 list boxes one is job status and the other one customer jobs. I am new to qlik and I am just trying do that when I select an item in the job status "inProgress" the customer job filter and only show me the jobs that are in progress. I image you need to do that with an expression on the customer:jobs list but can't figure out how to do it.

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          Jaime Aguilar


          QlikView comes with an associative engine, but this feature depends on how your data model is built. If the relationship between job status and the customer jobs is correctly done, then when you select any status, you will get in the other field (customer jobs) the jobs related in white color and the non-related jobs in gray. But again it all depends on how you build your data model,


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              Thanks for the quick reply. I am using qlik which comes with QB advance Reporting. I know the data is associated because it does change color once selected, but how can I after I select job status the customer job only shows me jobs with my selection and not the whole list