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    Visulaization based on selection help!

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      I'm created a line chart with simple

      Dim : Values

      Expression :

      sum({<Cost_Flag ={'1'}>} Data)


      and I'm having below result:



      Now what user want to have is something like below:


      By default it should above graph , but the moment user selects 2 Plants as in below example KBO as 1 and KLA as 2 then we should get 2 lines showing "Values" and if the selection is for 3 plants then respective 3 lines. We want same working not only for Plant , but also for 'Region' and might be for other list box selections.



      I tried something like below , but it's not working as expected:


      sum({<Cost_Flag ={'1'},Plant={'$(=getfieldselections(Plant))'},Region={'$(=getfieldselections(Region))'}>} Data)


      Please suggest how this can be possible!