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    QvSAPConnector.dll error - Mismatch between SAP Transport and connector versions

    Bhavik Mehta



      I am using Qlikview version 11.20.12758.0 SR10 64-bit and SAP v6.0.


      After installing QV SAP connector v6.0, i am trying to connect to SAP by passing relevant details - IP, Client Id, System number, User, Pass. Facing below error message:

      Mismatch between SAP Transport and connector versions. Please import the correct SAP transport. Unable to retrieve transport version from system. Invalid parameter 'RFC_FUNCTION_HANDLE' was passed to the API call


      Referred following links, however, issue persists:

      Error when trying SAPConnector with BW for the first time

      SAP Connector Error "Mismatch between SAP Trans... | Qlik Community



      Consulted SAP guy to know if there is issue with Access rights, however, access is also available on the User


      Please guide me to resolve this error. Thank you!