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    Cannot reload "cache" meta data from Qlikview qvp path in Nprinting 17.3x

    Anders Florentin Hansen

      I have been trying to add a connection to a Qlikview document that is placed on <Qlikview03>.. The Nprinting installation is on another server (with a single engine on the same server <NprintingServer1>...


      On the connection, I have chosen :


      Source: Qlikview

      Type : Server

      and the qvp path : qlikview03/Sales_TEST_EMPTY3.qvw


      The connection is created, and the connection status is OK ...


      It starts or attempts to generate the App Cache, but after quite some time the error:


      Error Request has been purged due to connection errors


      The schedular log says:


      Qlik.NPrinting.Scheduler Qlik.NPrinting.Scheduler.Service.LoadBalancer 20170308T090644.713+01:00 WARN SENSE03  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Connection navigator=qlikview;documentpath=qvp://qlikview03/Sales_TEST_EMPTY3.qvw has reached ERROR status


      If I copy the same document to the local nprinting server.. The metadata (app cache) is generated fine...


      Is it firewall?? What should I do...


      Please help...


      If I use : Local as type, and then use UNC path it works.. But takes a long time, and sometimes fails..