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    Qlik Sense 3.2.1 Library issue/error using filelist mask

    Michael Gemmer



      we recently installed Qlik Sense Server 3.2.1 and are actually testing the functionality of our Apps.

      Today I expected a large issue with our applications.


      As usual we are using Libs to load files from folders. For example a list of all files from a specific folder. We are doing that with a 'for each' loop.



      for each vFile in filelist ('[lib://Rohdaten (user_xyz)/SAP\Rohdaten\*qvd]')



      If you trace the variable vFile you recently (3.1.4) got


      lib://Rohdaten (user_xyz) /SAP\Rohdaten\20170308_example.qvd  //take care of the backslash in red


      using 3.2.1 we now get

      lib://Rohdaten (user_xyz) /SAP/Rohdaten/example.qvd  //the backslash turns into a slash


      This causes a lot of trouble to us since we use the backslash as separator in function subfield. i.e.


            date(date#(subfield(subfield('$(vFile)','\',-1),'_',1),'YYYYMMDD')) as Datum

            ,subfield(subfield(subfield('$(vFile)','\',-1),'_',-1),'.',1) as Datei



      I used 'Standard' mode and 'Legacy' mode getting the same result. I also deleted the lib and recreated it. No success. The Apps still work well with 3.1.4 but fail in 3.2.1



      The only solution was to not use the Lib but a concrete path. Of course only in Legacy mode


      for each vFile in filelist ('E:\Sense_Data\Rohdaten\SAP\Rohdaten\*qvd')

      Trace then shows




      Is this a known issue?