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    Nprinting Merge Cells with Table Field does not work, is there a bug?

    Luis Carmona Martínez



      I am trying to merge cells in Nprintring 17.22 from QlikSense, and as far as I can see there is not possible to do that when in the merged cell the input is a field from a table object.


      The designer does show the cell merged but when the report is launched or the runned then the outcome does not merge the cell. This does not happens if the input is just a typed texted.


      Does anyone encounter this kind of problem, is that a bug from the program.


      Another issue is that the Excel number format ( "." and "," for decimals) , do works when the output format of the file is an excel file, but when the outcome is a pdf the number format is converted into the American one (","  and "." for decimals)