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    Input Box custom constraints not working on Webview or Accespoint -BUG

    Avinash Jain

      Dear team,


      We are using QV11 SR13 .We adde done input box with Custom contraints $>=0 and $<=100.This is working perfectly fine on developer environment.


      Bust once you opne the dashboard through Accesspoint or through Webview mode this property does not working. You are allowed to enter any Text ,negative, strings to same. input box


      And the strage is that once you hover over the VALUE it shows the previou svalue that was withinh the range.


      Is there exists Qlikview BUG WITH INPUT BOX?

      See here I have entered abcd to input box accepting only values between 0 and 100.

      Neithee it gets reset back to old value nor it shows proper on hover?