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    First Row in Chart Expression returns table value and not Sum

    Tom Neal

      Hi All,


      I am trying to show the sum of people in a chart against every date which the key was recorded against in the database.

      The Key is Code - CodeDate - GroupNo (2AIKG|29/08/2006|8)

      It is working fine except for two rows in the chart.  The first row and a row in the middle.

      The chart looks like this.

      As you can see the first line in the chart shows 3000 for recorded Date 29/08/2006 however I need to it show 12002 for that date.


      Below is the data to show what the original looks like in a regular table.

      I did make another chart adding in the rank number to the chart for an explanation.

      So from what I understand the sum expressions 'Sum(People)' is summing on Code, CodeDate, GroupNo and Rank however I only want it to sum on Code, CodeDate and GroupNo. (Basically sum the middle table of this post for every recorded date).


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.