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    PIVOT: difference and YearMTD column

    Глеб Аитов



      This is the relation to my previous topic, but in a more precise description

      CYMTD vs PYMTD in one single measure


      I want to build a PIVOT table to be able to compare number of measures between two periods. I am doing this is Excel now, but it's a pain.




      There are two complications which I am trying to resolve in the last two days:

      1. I am not able to build a difference column (amount and %)

      2. I am not able to make a dimension which considers the interim period (MTD in my example): for example, if i choose March'17 against March'16, it shows FULL month in the second column and 8 days of the month in the first column (as of 8 of march 2017). 


      Currently I was only able to build the following PIVOT table:

      • Measures as ROWS
      • Columns as [Year]+[Month]


      Is that something that is possible to build in Qlik Sense? Maybe there is an extension which will help me to solve the problem?


      Best regards,