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    "listener must be a function"

    Bill Markham

      I have a mashup extension on a QlikSense 3.1.5 server that works fine from my laptop using IE.  But when using Chrome it seems to go into a loop and repeatedly flashes up this in the console.


      Anybody got any suggestion on how I should start investigating this.


      Pretty sure it is this line


      var app = qlik.openApp('359c76cb-b380-460c-a9b2-a49bc931031d', config);


      that repeatedly flashes up this console message :


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          Aiham Azmeh

          Hi bill.markham,


          It looks like the api is not founding the app -- extremly strange that IE is more forgiving than Chrome --

          from the code you have : var app = qlik.openApp('359c76cb-b380-460c-a9b2-a49bc931031d', config);


          It looks like the first quote is a double-quote while the second quote is a simple quote.


          Can IE be so forgiving???

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              Bill Markham

              Thanks for the suggestion.


              I have double checked and both the first and second quotes are single quotes.  Tried changing them both to double quotes - still no joy, and then changed them both back to single quotes - and still no joy.


              I have found this entry in the Proxy log.


              "630811.3.2.020170308T180820.755+0000T3QLIKSER4629ef254-e90f-4c35-8d1b-d80696513851Command=Login;Result=0;ResultText=Successaccf27ed-6742-4e7c-b390-e27c954788511f7f0fe6-628e-48e6-b7a0-49b5f7981b650EMEAbill.markham0Not availableSecurity::ffff: authenticated. User 'EMEA\bill.markham' used authentication method 'ticket' and got session 'accf27ed-6742-4e7c-b390-e27c95478851'9508f6e120cc246290b31d5e2116a3c1c506bedd"
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                  Nick Webster

                  Hi Bill,


                  Can you post a bit more of the code? The 'openApp' code looks ok so it's might be something else throwing the error.




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                      Bill Markham

                      Earlier today I really stripped down the code to just what is pasted below in italics.


                      Strange that is perfect with IE and only dodgy with Chrome on my laptop.



                      alert("A1 hi");


                      var prefix = window.location.pathname.substr( 0, window.location.pathname.toLowerCase().lastIndexOf( "/extensions" ) + 1 );



                      var config = {

                        host: window.location.hostname,

                        prefix: prefix,

                        port: window.location.port,

                        isSecure: window.location.protocol === "https:"


                      //to avoid errors in workbench: you can remove this when you have added an app

                      var app;

                      require.config( {



                        baseUrl: (config.isSecure ? "https://" : "http://" ) + config.host + (config.port ? ":" + config.port : "" ) + config.prefix + "resources"

                      } );



                      alert("B hi");



                      require(["js/qlik"], function(qlik) {



                        var app = qlik.openApp('359c76cb-b380-460c-a9b2-a49bc931031d', config);


                      alert("EEE hi");


                      } );



                      alert("FFF hi");

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                          Bill Markham

                          Even weirder is that it works fine via RDP to QlikSense Server using Chrome.



                          Whilst I am tempted to blame firewalling / closed ports I cannot find any basis for such a finger point.

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                              Nick Webster

                              Yeah, looks like a strange one. The code looks fine and it works in Chrome for me as well. Can you get someone else to test it in Chrome? That should help understand if it's a port/firewall thing.

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                                  Bill Markham

                                  I get the issue on a VPN connection, and it also been recreated by somebody from our office LAN in Prague.


                                  Strangely it is fine using our original POC server that runs QlikSense Server 3.1.4.


                                  But bad on our new Dev Server running 3.1.5 - although everything else runs perfectly on the new Dev server.  But it is the only mashup I've tried on this new server. Maybe tomorrow I'll knock up a really basic mashup using the Dev Hub and see how that behaves.


                                  The new Dev server does have some somewhat overenthusiastic firewalling around it, which the old POC Server did not.


                                  I have also diarised upgrading the new Dev server to 3.2 tomorrow lunchtime.


                                  Plus I have logged it with Qlik Support as ticket 01035143.

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                                      Alexander Karlsson

                                      So you might have been hit a bug in previous versions of Qlik Sense in regards to tickets.
                                      As you can see in your initial stack traces you actually have 2 tickets being produced for you when in reality you should only ever just consume one and that will set the session cookie for further requests.


                                      If you also notice the first ticket values contain a . in the middle. This can cause certain browsers to freak out on you.

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                                          Bill Markham

                                          Qlik contacted me for a webex about the support ticket I raised.


                                          I have learnt on the webex that this is one of the infamous random & intermittent issues, as all was perfect whilst they were watching.  But later I did manage to recreate the issue, they have seen & video'd it on a webex and I have emailed them the stash of logs they requested.

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                                              Paul Calvet

                                              Hi Bill,

                                              I have the same problem but only when I try to access to my mashup through http

                                              I don't have the problem with https

                                              Do you have more information from Qlik Support ?





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                                                  Bill Markham

                                                  Strange.  I am just using this on the Internal LAN via http.


                                                  My issue is also random & intermittent.  Very often it goes bad, sometimes it is ok.


                                                  Tried various things with Qlik, they suggested trying http so my latest reply to them yesterday was "The issue is on our internal LAN using http.  We have not installed any certificates, so are just using standard Qlik installation certificates certs".


                                                  I expect they will reply in due course.