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    Sharepoint 365 connector not working through a proxy server

    Geoffrey Fenwick

      Hi all,


      I am attempting to use the Web Connector 2.1.0 SharePoint 365 connector on a server and it is proving quite difficult. The SharePoint connector is working fine when running on a desktop machine, I think because of single sign on, but when I put it on a server we have issues. I can still connect to the SharePoint environment with no issues at all but when I try it with the connector following this guide Office 365 Sharepoint Connector For QlikView And Qlik Sense - QVSource: The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Docs)  it throws up an error:


      Web Connector Error.PNGLooking around on the web it seems to suggest that it's not able to connect to SharePoint but I cannot tell if it is something to do with the proxy or the connector itself.


      The same method above works as soon as I take it off the server.


      Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try out or any advice?