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    Help with PasteSpecial in Macro VBScript issues required

    Amjid Khan



      I'm currently working on copying and pasting straight charts from Qlikview to an Excel spreadsheet. This is automated using a macro from within Qlikview.


      Originally I was simply copying and pasting the charts via macro which worked fine but then I started coming across issues with copying and pasting data with leading zeros, the zeros were not carried over. This is most likely down to Excel interpreting these as numbers.


      A workaround I've programmed is to format the spreadsheet template as text and then copy and paste into that which in theory should keep the leading zeros as long as I paste as values from Qlikview to Excel.


      The first issue I encountered with this is the macro falls over every time it comes across a chart with no data. I thought I had gotten around this issue by placing a check to only perform the copy and paste special if the row count is greater than 0 for a particular chart.


      Oddly, this works for some of the charts but not all. Here is an example of the code:


      '-- This bit activates the correct spreadsheet template and worksheet to use and then copies the data held in a particular straight chart to the clipboard. WS1 is determined by an earlier process, it's basically the name of the worksheet and that works fine.


      SET v17 = ActiveDocument.Variables("vMacroChartId7")
      var17 = v17.GetContent.STRING
      Doc.Fields(fname).SELECT Field.Item(i).Text
      Doc.GetSheetObject(var17).CopyTableToClipBoard TRUE


      '-- Next a check is performed to see if the chart contains rows of data

      Set RowCount = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(var17)
      ActiveDocument.Variables("vRows").SetContent RowCount.GetNoOfRows, true
      RowsChart = ActiveDocument.Variables("vRows").GetContent.STRING





      '--Now if there are rows of data present then the paste special is performed. xlPasteValues is set further up in my script as


      (CONST xlPasteValues = -4163).




      If RowsChart > 0 then




      xlApp.ActiveSheet.PasteSpecial xlPasteValues



      End If


      I guess my question is how can I overcome this seemingly random occurrence of the macro falling over for some charts and not others?

      Can I avoid using the check for data in charts before I can copy and paste values all together?

      I'm at a loss. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you reading.