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    Qlik connection with SugarCRM

    Fernando Damas Wenzel

      Hi Folks,


      I am interesting to know or understand if any of you guys had any experience on connecting Qlik with SugarCRM.

      I've seen that there is one QVsource connector for it. But has anyone connected using it, though? Or used another connector instead?


      Tried to search for it here and into others websites, but no much results





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          Darren Ball


          QVSource was acquired by Qlik about a year ago and is now called the Qlik Web Connectors. This has the Qlik SugarCRM connector that you're referring to.


          You can get the Qlik Web Connectors from the Qlik download site, where you find the usual downloads, and is under the 'connectors' tab.


          As it's a Premium Connector, you will need to request a trial LEF to have a play with this, but from the download there are a number of Standard Connectors, as well as some beta connectors, which are free to use. Although you may not need these other connectors, since they all work in a consistent manner by playing around for them you can get a feel for how the product generally works.


          As for the Qlik SugarCRM Connector, here are some  of the tables that you can access:

          2017-03-15 09_21_21-Qlik Web Connectors _ Qlik SugarCRM Connector.png

          I hope this information helps.



          Product Manager for Qlik Web Connectors.

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            Fred Lee



            We've had success using the Qlik Sense REST Connector with SugarCRM.  Let me know if you are still looking for some assistance.  We're working with Qlik Sense Cloud and the Sugar OnDemand (i.e. cloud) environment .


            We're exploring the use of the Web Connector for SugarCRM at the moment but we're not certain if it will give us the same type of control for authentication and paging just yet.