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    REST API Connector - Multi-table

    John Wilson

      I've just started using the REST API connector - which is a great tool.


      I am connecting directly to an instance of ServiceNow, and the specified URL is table dependant and wondered if there is a way of 'parameterising' the URL in the connection so that I don't have to create a new connection in Sense for each new table?



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          Chance Barkley


          Look into the "With Connection" keyword as documented in Qlik Help. This allows you to override the base URL.


          You may be able to define a control table with the list of table URLs or table names and pass that value as a parameter within a loop. I've sometimes found that if dollar sign expansion with $() does not work, ${} with brackets will.


          I tried this unsuccessfully with another REST API, but that was only because there was a randomly generated parameter per table that I could not statically define in my control table/loop, otherwise the method seemed to work as expected. Perhaps ServiceNow works differently and you won't have this issue.




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              John Wilson

              Thanks for the response Chance - I'd not heard of that capacity before and certainly looks to be what I need


              ** Update ** works perfectly, nice one


              I did it passing in some limit parameters but I'm sure you could add that to variable if required or a peek if you had a list of tables to spit through a loop.