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    Difference usage of filter in NPrinting Server/Designer

    Maud van Vreedendaal

      Dear all,


      If we send a report manually via the NPritning Designer the filters for that report do work well.

      In the log the following is stated:

      Application 9-3-2017 13:56:43 Message Apply filter: Klant = XXXX

      Application 9-3-2017 13:56:43 Message Filter field: Klant {XXXX} ()

      Application 9-3-2017 13:56:43 Message Apply filter: Soort Melding = Incident

      Application 9-3-2017 13:56:44 Message Filter field: Soort melding {YYYY} ()


      As soons as we send this report automatically via the NPrinting Server, the filters do not longer work.

      See below the log

      Service9-3-201714:10:13MessageApply filter: Klant = XXXX
      Service9-3-201714:10:13MessageFilter field: Klant {} ()
      Service9-3-201714:10:13MessageApply filter: Soort Melding = YYYY
      Service9-3-201714:10:13MessageFilter field: Soort melding {} ()


      We use NPrinting 16.

      Can somebody explain how to solve this problem?


      Thanks in advance.